Rural Telecon Congress
October 31, 2014
About The Congress

The Rural Telecommunications Congress (RTC) is a national membership organization dedicated to assuring that rural areas in the United States have access to the information and support they need to obtain and use advanced telecommunications services and technology for social and economic development.

The world of telecommunications is constantly changed by new inventions and new applications that carry us deeper into the 21st Century's Information Age. Public policy often lags far behind the impacts this new technology has on individuals and our society. Rural communities often lag far behind cities in deploying new technologies that are so critical to community and economic development to ensure we do not create "digital dustbowls" of the future.

The Rural Telecommunications Congress is based on an old-fashioned idea. The RTC is designed to serve as Rural America's "party line" of today's Information Age in the same way the telephone party line was used the 20th Century to share news and information within a community. It is a new way to link telecommunication-oriented communities of interest with industry and with rural community leaders and innovators.
It is an opportunity to develop vital networks within a virtual environment to learn from each other about projects that work and don't work. It's an opportunity to celebrate and share successes and to identify our barriers to success and create a nationally recognized common voice to overcome them.