Rural Telecon Congress
November 23, 2014
Rural Telecommunications Congress Membership

Membership Types

The Rural Telecommunications Congress consists of three types of members:

  • Individual Members - Individuals not representing a organization
  • Institutional Members - Representatives of non-profit organizations not related to private industry, and representatives of government agencies
  • Corporate Members - Representatives of industry or trade associations and of corporations
All types of members are linked by a common interest in rural development and telecommunications.

A listing in the RTC Business Directory, with a description of your business and a link to your business/corporate Web site.

Benefits of RTC membership

The Rural Telecommunications Congress provides you, your community, and/or your organization with national representation on telecommunications and technology issues. Your membership helps creates a critical mass of rural voices that can have a direct impact on policy at the state and national level. Through partnerships with other organizations that also represent rural interests, RTC membership is leveraged extensively. Your participation counts!

RTC members receive:

  • Access to the RTC members mailing list, a valuable source of news and information on rural telecom issues.
  • Userid to participate in the online discussion forums on the RTC Web site, which enables you to ask questions and tap the collective expertise of RTC members.
  • Ability to post documents to the RTC Library.
  • Ability to participate in RTC Community Of Interest (COI) groups on a variety of community and economic development issues.
  • Ability to serve as a state representative to the Rural Telecommunications Congress, and to help set the agenda for statewide and national RTC meetings.
  • Ability to serve on the RTC Board as an Officer or as a national region representative
  • Discounted registration for the annual conference 

RTC Sponsorships

The Rural Telecommunications Congress provides your company with national exposure to people and organizations interested in rural telecommunications and technology issues. Please contact us for more information about sponsoring the RTC.

RTC sponsors receive:

  • Business logo in rotating banner space on front page of RTC web site.
  • Business sponsors receive a 10% booth discount at the annual RTC conference.
  • Discount on ad space in programs for fall and spring conferences.
  • Discount on sponsorships of Communities of Interest pages.
  • Immediate exposure through welcome notice for all new members to RTC List of 500 subscribers.
  • Automatic subscription to RTC business listserve to notify businesses of RFP and other bidding opportunities.

RTC Sponsors
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Adesta, LLC 1603 Woodside Drive, Woodbridge, Virginia, United States, 22191 703- 494-1352   1
Sponsor RTC 311-J UT Conference Center Building, Knoxville, Tennessee, United States, 37996 706-271-5521  2
SEDA Council of Goverments 201 Furnace Rd, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, United States, 17837 570-524-4491  1

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