The Extraordinary Open Access Network in Ammon, Idaho

The Institute for Local Self Reliance recently published this video about the open-access network in Ammon, Idaho. Better than anything that I've seen recently, this video captures the essence of the potential behind open-access networks.

Here's the link to the post on

The city of Ammon, Idaho, is building the Internet network of the future. Households and businesses can instantly change Internet service providers using a specially-designed innovative portal. This short 20 minute video highlights how the network is saving money, creating competition for broadband services, and creating powerful new public safety applications.

We talk with Ammon's Mayor, local residents, private businesses, and the city's Technology Director to understand why a small conservative city decided to build its own network and then open it to the entire community. We explain how they financed it and even scratch the surface of how software-defined networking brought the future of Internet services to Ammon before any larger metro regions.

And also at the Next Century Cities web site:

Ammon also prides itself on increasing competition through their open access model. This means that while Ammon owns and maintains the fiber infrastructure, multiple outside providers can use the network to offer services to consumers. Since fiber build-outs can be costly, Ammon has attracted several small service providers that would otherwise be unable to enter their market, thereby increasing options for their citizens.

This is one video that is highly worth the watch -- and funny, too!

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